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30 December 2008 @ 09:17 am
Waly's Journal, Part 2  

It has been a long time since I last wrote in this journal. I have done much, seen much, and learned much.  

I have abandoned my dream of revenge on the Scrouge and the restoration of Londeron for now.  I have joined a new guild, dedicated to exploring strange lands, in the hopes of founding a new haven for Londeronian culture. 

Well, that merchant of Ara’s turned out to be a pretty unpleasant character.  He will die in pain, of course.  I intend to instill fear in him, then curse him with agony until he dies.  Not the most efficient mode of combat, but a fitting end for a rapist.  I do suppose I may offer him a chance to surrender and face the King’s justice rather than my own, if Ara so wills it.    Of course, as Eoclastia reminded me, I cannot be certain that the merchant was responsible.  My beloved priestess (an unrequited love, I fear, and as yet an unconfesssed one)  was hurt by a fool who fears neither Light nor Man. He shall fear both when I am through.  Then I shall confess my love!


Alchemy! I spent years refusing to learn it and now I’’ve picked it up.