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11 April 2009 @ 12:55 am
New Spanking Fiction- An Ordinary Spanking for Me and My Best Friend  
I've also submitted this to the MMSA under the same psudonym I use here.

An Ordinary Spanking for Me and My Best Friend

This story describes a fantasy of mine, in which I, of course, am the narrator. It in no way reflects real events from my childhood, nor should it be taken as an endorsement of spanking as a real-life method of child discipline.

It’s a short walk home from school, and I’m a latchkey kid. I’m 14 years old, and I’m in the 8th grade, so I’m still in Jr. High. My parents thought I acted young for my age, so I went to this special developmental class after kindergarten, so I’m a year older then most of my class. Not that that’s a bad thing, because I’m kind of a late bloomer, anyway. Oh, and my name is Will.

Anyway, school was just starting, and it still felt like summer, so I wore some cargo shorts and a t-shirt to school, along with some soccer slides. I was chatting with my friend Matt, and he told me “I can totally whip your ass at Halo 2”. He was wearing a t-shirt and cargos too, but he had on short socks and sneakers, which was a little disappointing to me.

I was like “no way, man, I’m always better then you at games”, and he was like “I got better, man, and I’ll totally kick your ass now.

I couldn’t let a challenge like that go, so of course I said, “Come on, then let’s see who’s better then.”

“But my parents will be home soon, and we both have homework to do, we can’t now”, Matt whined. I started clucking like a chicken, and Matt got the message and went with me to my house.

Anyway, we played Halo for a long time, the switched to Soul Calibur, and in the end we got so engrossed in the game that we lost track of time. And then we heard the garage door opening and dad’s car pulling in. “Oh Shit!” we both said, simultaneously. We hastily turned off the TV and got our math books out of our backpacks, so that we could pretend to be studying together. I’m not really supposed to have friends over without Dad’s permission, period, but maybe I could get away with it if I said it was for a school project, I thought.

Anyway, when Dad got into the living room, he was taken aback. “Son”, he asked, in a deadly calm voice “why is Matt in our family room?”

“Well, we were just working together on a math assignment, Dad” I said, with my most innocent smile. Dad looked dubious… and his eyes flitted to the Xbox controllers still on the floor, and he paced around a bit and noted the lack of marks on the papers. “I think not” was all he said, before his phone rang. Yes, John here… yes, the boy’s at my place…. Yes, I’ll be happy to handle him too.” My heart sank as I heard this, and I looked at my friend with pity. His parents spank him, yes, but not as hard as my Dad, and they let him keep his underpants. With my dad, spanking are always on the bare.

“Boys, I am very disappointed in the both of you”, said my father. “Will, you should know better then to bring another boy over to our house without my permission, and you know that the rule is homework first, videogames later. I’m afraid I’m going to have to spank you.”

“I know Dad, I’m sorry.” I said.

“And you, young man”, said my Dad, turning to Matt, “you should know that your parents have given me permission to punish you for what you did, and in my house, that means a bare-bottom spanking.”

“Bare bottom! But my parents never….”

“Nonetheless, you’re getting one today, Matt- and your mother told me that you’ll be getting it bare at home from now on too. Will can go first, so that you can see how things are done.”

“Yessir” I said, as I kicked off my soccer slides and shrugged off my shirt, folding the shirt neatly on the couch and placing my sandals in front of it. I slowly and reluctantly lowered my cargo shorts, exposing my red bikini briefs. As he did so, Daddy took his usual place on our brown leather couch.

“Dude, you don’t wear boxers?” asked Mike in surprise.

“QUIET!” Dad sternly responded.

“Do you have to take off my underwear, Dad? I don’t wanna be naked in front of Mike?”

“Spankings in this house are always totally bare!”,Dad snapped.

“Can I at least take them off myself”, I whined, and I knew I was whining.

“We do things the way we’ve always done them, son”, said my father, so I had no choice but to stand before my father and let him pull down my underpants, which he did. My cock was half hard inside my little patch of pubes.

I laid across my daddy’s lap. He massaged my ass for a few minutes like he always does, and like it always does when I earn a spanking, my cock got really hard as my daddy rubbed down my ass and prepared me to take the spanking.

Daddy gave me a good, hard spanking- the hand spanking lasted for fifty strokes, then daddy let me get up and rub. The pain was bearable at first, like it always is, but it got steadily worse and worse as the spanking went on, until I was begging for mercy in between counting strokes by the time daddy was done with me… for now.

Daddy made Mike strip naked just like he made me, which I kind of liked because I had wanted to see him naked for a long time. Mike was a bit further along then me, with red fuzz that matched his head adorning his armpits.

“Feet up”, Dad commanded, when Mike approached him, clad only in his Scooby Doo boxers and a pair of ankle sox.

“Hunh?” said Mike, with a look of total incomprehension.

“Put your feet up on the couch, one at a time, so I can take those silly sox off”, explained Daddy, while gritting his teeth at Mike’s stupidity.

Mike grimaced, but complied, and Daddy took his time removing the sox, savoring Mike’s embarrassment. Mike’s toes were long, thin, and well formed, still hairless, though covered in white fuzzies from his sox.

Daddy then tugged Mike’s boxers down at the sides, so that they pooled around his ankles, exposing his crimson pubes, which were rather thicker then my brown ones. His cock was also more well developed then mine- and just as hard!

Daddy tanned Mike’s hinie for as long as he tanned mine, and despite his further development, he was sobbing and begging by the time Daddy was done with his hand spanking. Daddy finally finished, and sent Mike snuffling off, then told me to “Pick up one of your sandals and hand it to me, son.” I complied as slowly as I dared, knowing the agony that was ahead.

Daddy pulled me over his lap again, and gave me a thorough slippering with my own slide sandal, so much so that when I checked in the mirror, the brand logo on the sole was imprinted in darker red on my ass. It burned like fire, and I was crying and pleading by the time Daddy had finished with me- 50 more licks, for a total of 100 spanks. He then sent my back to my spot, and gave the same to Mike. Mike constantly pleaded with daddy, “please sir”, “I can’t take any more sir”, “it hurts so bad sir.” Daddy just kept spanking, saying “this is for your own good, young man”. I wasn’t sure if it was true, but I knew it was stupid to argue with Daddy.

Anyway, after he had done giving Mike his second spanking, he told us to get dressed, because we were going to do our homework in the living room, under his eyes, so that he could make sure we were actually doing it.

Mike reached for his boxer, but I put my hand on his wrist to stop him “No undies after a spanking, Daddy says. It’s so our butts rub against the rough fabric of our pants and it stings more.”

“That was a very responsible thing to notice and say son”, daddy commented, adding “and keep those feet bare, boys, no need to track dirt around the house!”

As Daddy got up to get changed out of his suit from work, he paused to hug us both. “That was a very hard spanking boys, and there’s no shame in crying. I don’t like hurting you, son, or you, Mike, but the consequences if you fail a class now could be catastrophic, and it’s better that you suffer a spanking now then a failing grade later. Do you understand that, son, kiddo.

“Yes, daddy”, I said, from under Daddy’s strong right arm.

“Yes, Mr. Wilson”, said Mike, from where he was cradled in Daddy’s left arm.

We did our math on our stomachs, to minimize the sting in our bottoms. Of course, that created problems at the other end, but that’s another story!